Sensitive Mouth Support
A healthy mouth is essential for a body’s optimal health. REPAIR is an herbal formula that supports oral health where receding gums, sensitive or loose teeth and tooth decay are present.

Recommended dose:

40 drops, 3 times day or 60 drops, 2 times day For optimum results, use for 3–6 months consecutively.

Basic advice: 

  • Minimize intake of caffine, smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugar & highly-processed food.

  • Seek positive ways to deal with stress


  • Moderate amounts of meat protein and  plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in    season, beans and legumes, whole grains

  • Daily bone broth consumption

Use with Acupressure:
Press acupressure point located between the junction of the 2nd and 3rd toes on the web of both feet daily.